Montessori Room

3 to 4 Years Old
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  • Montessori (3 to 4 Years)

    Our Montessori room cares for children eligible for the free ECCE pre-school year which is aged between 3years 3 months-4 years 7 months on or before the 1st September that year.

    We cater for up to 20 children with the staff ratio 1:11

    We provide an information open morning during the summer to all children attending the class. This gives them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their new environment and teachers, it also gives parents the opportunity to meet the teachers and ask any questions they may have about the coming year.

    Along with being furnished with Montessori equipment, our classroom is bright and spacious and children are encouraged to move around and independently choose their own activities. The specifically designed Montessori educational materials increase sensory awareness and refinement of the senses and guide the child in their individual growth and development. These activities help develop concentration, dexterity, and independence while providing indirect preparation for more formal learning such as reading, writing and number work. The Montessori programme is adaptable to the needs of the child regardless of the level of ability, learning style or social maturity. Small steps, self correcting materials, individual lessons and self chosen tasks all lead the child to experience success. The focus is on the development of the whole child and the provision of an environment complete with enriching activities that will foster growth in this vital period of development.

    Along with the Montessori Method, we also link Aistear’s curriculum framework. Some examples include role play, self caring activities, numeracy, literacy and mathematics.

    • Age Group:
      3/4 Years Old
    • Class Size:
      20 Children
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