Outdoor Facility

  • We have a beautiful outdoor area where the children can run, play, explore and have fun

    Playing and exploring outdoors is an important experience for the children and because of this we allow up to an hour per day for the children to be out in the garden. We have purchased protective outdoor clothing for the children to use while at the service for when the weather is damp and cool. This will enable your children to be outdoors no matter what the weather is like.

     The garden is equipped with a large castle, dug out sand pit, willow huts, play house and a purpose built cycle track. We provide go karts, scooters, bikes and tractors for the children to play on. We also have two soft outdoor play areas for the wobbler and mini toddler class room. This allows the children to play and explore in a soft and safe environment. The soft areas are equipped with cars, construction toys and slides. We have adapted the outdoor area to the themes of Aistear and treat the out areas as an additional classroom presenting the children with the opportunity to “learn about the natural environment and its features, materials, animals and plants” (Aistear, Exploring and Thinking, Aim 1 goal 4).

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