Mini-Toddler Room

18 - 24 Months Old
  • Class Overview

  • Mini-Toddlers (18 to 24 months)

    Our mini toddler room cares for children aged between 18 months – 24 months (depending on the child’s individual stage of development).

    We cater for up to 8 children with a staff ratio of 1:5

     To ensure a smooth transition for children into the mini toddler room, visits are arranged between the staff and parents.

    As children become more independent and confident on their feet we assess their individual needs and adapt their routine to meet these needs. Play is an important part of the growth and development of each child enabling them to learn about themselves and the world around them. The activities provided present the opportunities to experience creative, imaginative, manipulative, exploratory, physical and social play under the guidance of the experienced staff that are there to support and encourage each child in all areas of their developmental progress. These opportunities are designed to provide an enjoyable challenging and learning experience through the curriculum framework of Aistear. Some examples of these activities include play dough, glupe, outdoor play and water play.

     In a busy environment it is important for young children to sleep rest and relax. All children are encouraged to sleep or have a rest. The sleep room provides space for sleeping and relaxing in the cosy corner away from the hustle and bustle of crèche life!

    • Age Group:
      18-24 Months Old
    • Class Size:
      8 Children
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